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Quick Facts

Not only does it not hurt the tree it actually helps it. Proper pruning helps reduce disease and pests which in turn makes a healthier, happier tree.

For evergreen trees the best time to prune is during the fall season. 

For leafed trees its best to prune during winter or early spring before the tree grows its new leaves.

No more than 30% of the trees canopy should be pruned. The tree still requires the energy it generates from those remaining leaves and any more than 30% could damage its health or ability to grow adequality.

Your beautiful trees are in good hands with our experienced arborists, where we understand how important tree pruning is as an integral part of tree care both for health and maintenance. When trees are left unmanaged, they can develop poor structure, resulting in less overall strength and resilience to wind and weather events. Strong winds, heavy snow loads, ice buildup and heavy rains can stress limbs and trunks, sometimes to the breaking point. As trees mature, they accumulate sizeable hazardous deadwood with the potential to cause damage to property or persons. Regularly scheduled site visits and pruning maintenance with Beautiful Trees Inc. ensures that an experienced arborist will be onsite to inspect your trees for potential hazards, such as unseen decay and injuries caused by past weather events. Our consulting arborists and crew leader arborists are ISA Certified (International Society of Arboriculture) and are trained to the highest technical standards for the arboriculture industry. All Beautiful Trees Inc. arborists care for your trees according to the highest standards set forth by the ISA, ensuring that your trees remain healthy while improving property aesthetics, value and personal enjoyment.

Pruning Goals & Objectives
At Beautiful Trees Inc., our primary goal of tree pruning is to increase the tree’s structural integrity, health, and appearance. We also prune to maintain a balance between the canopy and existing buildings and property uses. The branches selected for pruning will depend on proper pruning practices and the goals and the intentions of the property owner. When a tree canopy becomes out of proportion and overweighted, selective pruning can promote more balance. Other objectives include reducing Sail Effect, the use of selective thinning in the canopy to reduce the wind resistance and thereby reducing the probability of storm damage. As urban trees mature, sunlight infiltration to ground level can be reduced over time. Our arborists can employ selective pruning techniques to reduce shading on gardens, lawns, pools, patios etc. to increase the amount of filtered light below dense canopies. Please visit our pruning pages for more in depth information on proper pruning for: health, safety, vigor, structure, aesthetics, tree value, property value and tree inspections.

Seasons for tree work
At Beautiful Trees Inc., our arborists work year-round to look after your trees. Some of our clients have us inspect their trees twice a year (dormant and actively growing) to mitigate health and structure issues that can arise over time. One inspection takes place during the growing season to observe the new growth for size, color and vigor. A second inspection during the dormant season is an efficient way to detect any structural issues in the upper canopy. Weather events throughout the year can cause stress cracks at the stem union of multi-stem trees and cracks in heavy weak sections. Detecting these injuries early can increase the number options available to mitigate the injury through pruning, cabling and bracing. Pruning tree species that are susceptible to fungal and bacterial diseases is scheduled during the colder months, when pests are not active. Scheduling tree maintenance during tree dormancy can significantly reduce the risk of pest spread or new infections.
There are many aspects to maintaining a healthy urban landscape. Let Beautiful Trees Inc.’s knowledgeable, trained, and considerate ISA-Certified Arborists help you manage your green assets. Let’s work together to keep our environment growing strong and healthy for our future generations to enjoy and be proud of.

Pruning From Ground

For Small pruning projects check out our handy informative video on home hand pruning.

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