Stump Grinding

There are many reasons to remove stumps such as:

  • Beauty of your green space
  • Stumps can encourage damaging pests
  • Some trees can regrow from their stumps
  • Property value
  • Reclaim space
  • Creates mulch 

Stump grinding is the most efficient and safe method to remove stumps. Burning and chemicals lead to a variety of safety issues including fire spreading, damage to local wildlife and pets, environmental issues, and much more.

Yes it does. In stump grinding we create mulch that can be used for a number of things such as gardens and paths. Its nutrient rich especially with some compost mixed in. 

Depending on the speicies of tree makes a differnece of the acidity of the mulch. Some are best suited to become nutrients and some are great for keeping weeds away. Typically evergreens are acidic and best to keep weeds at bay  while leafy trees are best for compost. Ask us is you want clarification on the type you have from our stump grinding.

Stump Grinder

When we remove a tree for any number of reasons the stump remains. We recommend having stumps removed for a variety of reasons. Some species of trees can even regrow from there sprouts. Removing stumps can also reduce destructive pests from your green space.

In be environmentally conscious we don’t recommend using chemicals or burning it down into the ground. Doing either of these can lead to a number of safety and environmental issues. In burning it down you run the risk of igniting roots that may connect with other trees or plants and can quickly lead to a fire safety issue with can be quite costly. As for chemicals a lot of these chemical are not good for our environment and also can be not safe animals and surrounding plant life. 

Using a stump grinder is the most efficient and safest way to remove the unsightly stump. Stump Grinding also has numerous benefits such as natural mulch created which could be left as nutrients for future plants or mixed with compost to make some very nutrient rich soil for gardens and surrounding plants. Contact us to have your stumps removed and improve your greenspace today.

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