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Spongey Moth Larva

Spongy Moth (LDD Moth) and Your Beautiful Trees

All of us can remember the severe outbreak of Spongy moth larvae in 2021, they were literally everywhere, hanging off trees and crawling up the sides of our homes. We’ve had Spongy moth in southern Ontario since 1969, what happened to cause such an unusual spike in the population?

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Yellow Rumped Warbler in Spring - Vijayalakshmi-Nidugondi
Beautiful Trees

Spring Tree & Shrub Health Update 2024

It sure hasn’t been much of a winter and many tree lovers are expecting an early spring this year. According to Environment Canada, Ontario has been experiencing above-average temperatures and below-average snowfall this past winter. These climate trends impact the plants, insects and other animals living in the environment. In this article, we will explain how weather impacts your beautiful trees and how you can help support them this spring.

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