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Learn More from our ISA Certified Arborist with over 37 years in the industry and also our Biologist with a Masters in Science.

Johl Anderson

ISA Certified Arborist

Johl Anderson

Johl Anderson is the primary ISA Certified Arborist at Beautiful Trees, and also Green Bird Horticultural with over 37 years in the industry delivering tree care and consulting excellence to clients. Johl has always promoted education and mentorship in the industry and supported good  arboriculture practices.

Jen Llewellyn

(M.Sc) ISA Certified Arborist


Jen Llewellyn-Anderson M.Sc is an ISA Certified Arborist and Horticulturalist at Beautiful Trees and Green Bird Horticultural, with over 23 years in the industry as the Provincial Nursery & Landscape Specialist, delivering consulting, diagnostics and education in Plant Health Care, Nutrition, Soils, Water Quality and much more.

Fall Tree & Shrub Health Update 2023

During the transition to autumn, implementing certain management practices can provide support for our landscape plants and tree maintenance, as the days become shorter and cooler. Here’s our annual Fall Tree Update to help guide you in supporting your trees and shrubs throughout fall and winter 2023.

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Oak Wilt on Leaves

Prevention and Treatment of Oak Wilt

Oak Wilt is a serious disease that can have devastating effects on oak populations. However, with regular inspections and proper management, it is possible to protect our valuable oak resources.

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Spotted Lanternfly

A Guide to Everything You Need to Know About the Spotted Lanternfly

The Spotted Lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) is an invasive insect pest that poses a significant threat to our landscape trees, shrubs and garden plants. Originating from Asia, this pest was first detected in Pennsylvania in 2014, and has quickly spread across several states. Spotted Lanternfly can cause severe damage to a wide range of woody and herbaceous plants.

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Spring Flowers

Tree & Shrub Health for Spring 2023

As you watch the snow melting and receding from lawns and gardens, you may be wondering what spring 2023 has in store for tree and shrub health this year. At Green Bird Horticultural and Beautiful Trees, our highly skilled horticulturalists and arborists have been working in the landscape all winter and are excited to have a front row seat to watch the awakening of nature’s most anticipated show.

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Emergency Tree Service

Emergency Tree Services When you Need Them

The need for emergency tree care can arise in many situations. Some of the most common reasons include weather events (wind, ice, snow, heavy rain etc.), collisions with equipment or vehicles, floods and excessive excavation around root systems. Once a tree is excessively damaged, whether it has started to fail or has failed and caused damage, it is important to reduce the risk of any further damage.

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Pruning From The Ground

Tree Pruning Best Practices

Tree pruning is an integral part of tree care both for health and maintenance. When trees are left unmanaged, they can develop poor structure, resulting in less overall strength and resilience to wind and weather events.

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