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Fall Tree & Shrub Health Update 2023

During the transition to autumn, implementing certain management practices can provide support for our landscape plants and tree maintenance, as the days become shorter and cooler. Here’s our annual Fall Tree Update to help guide you in supporting your trees and shrubs throughout fall and winter 2023.

Deep Root Fertilization

Deep Root FertilizingAutumn is one of the best times of the year for shrub and tree fertilization. This occurs because while the visible parts of the tree are getting ready for winter dormancy, the root system is actively absorbing dissolved nutrients and minerals and storing them for the upcoming burst of growth in the following spring. Deep Root Fertilizer can be carried out any time the soil is not frozen, not wet and not dry, making autumn one of the most suitable times for this practice.

Deep root fertilization is a procedure where a solution of water-soluble fertilizer is injected into the soil, right down to where the roots are growing, throughout the root system of the tree or shrub. By injecting the soluble fertilizer into the soil, the absorption of nutrients by the roots is maximized. Injection has the added benefit of increasing the air pore space of the soil, improving the soil conditions for greater root growth. Our deep root fertilizer has been formulated by our company scientist to deliver the nutrients that Ontario trees and shrubs need most, gradually over the year. Deep Root Fertilizing can be carried out from now into late autumn.

Planting Trees

Planting Tree in FallIf you are planning on planting any trees and shrubs next spring, the mild days and relatively dry soils of autumn make October and November ideal months for preparing planting sites ahead of spring. The majority of landscape and arboriculture companies experience high demand in the spring season, and we are all aware of the unpredictable nature of spring weather. As a result, this can lead to delays in the completion of your planting project. By preparing the planting area in advance, less time will be required to install your new trees and shrubs next spring.

Annual Tree Inspections

Fall Tree InspectionLate-autumn and Winter are fantastic times of the year to have our ISA Certified Arborists come to inspect your trees for structural, plant health and safety concerns. Inspecting your deciduous trees (trees that shed their leaves in the autumn) during dormancy is one of the best times of year to efficiently detect signs of damage, structural weaknesses and imperfections, disease and insect infestation.

Our ISA Certified Arborists routinely conduct tree inspections from November to April to easily inspect for visual signs of stress cracks, occluded bark, branch attachment, poor structure, and deadwood. In fact, much of the arboricultural pruning and management practices can be carried out during the dormant season. Where there is adequate access to the property for equipment in winter, pruning can often be completed in less time than it would take when there is a full complement of leaves on the tree. Dormant tree inspections, coupled with growing season inspections, is the best protocol for ensuring that your beautiful trees are carefully monitored and cared for to minimize stress or hazards.

Winter Tree Protection

Anti Desiccant SprayIf you have planted any evergreen trees or shrubs in the last 1-5 years, consider protecting evergreen foliage from drying out this winter. It’s a little-known fact that many evergreen trees will signal the opening of their leaf pores on sunny, mild afternoons in winter to take in CO2 from the air to make sugars (a process known as photosynthesis). By opening these leaf pores, the plant also opens itself up to the loss of leaf moisture. The result is leaf desiccation, which can be seen as an unsightly leaf browning, most commonly on the afternoon sun side of the tree. Trees require several years to establish an adequate root system to help store enough water for plant needs over the winter and early spring. This means that evergreens that were recently planted (e.g. last 1-5 years) are the most susceptible to winter desiccation.

Traditionally, evergreen trees are protected by wrapping them burlap or erecting burlap barriers around the foliage. Burlap barriers can be labour intensive to install and take-down, making them costly and prone to damage. At Beautiful Trees, we routinely treat evergreen trees and shrubs with Anti-Desiccant in late November and early December. Our Anti-Desiccant is specially formulated to cover foliage with a protective coating that washes off gradually, just in time for spring.

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Fall Tree & Shrub Health Update 2023

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