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The Benefits of Deep Root Fertilizing


Urban soils are often compacted and lack the proper air spaces for root growth. Urban soils are usually low in nutrients and may not support the elemental needs of our landscape plants. At Beautiful Trees, we recommend Deep Root Fertilizing for optimal health and growth of your trees. Deep Root Fertilizing involves the precise injection of suspended nutrients in water under pressure. This method of fertilization helps to break up soil compaction, improves drainage while supplying a custom blend of the nutrients that will help your trees thrive! Research has shown that by providing the nutrients that are deficient, plants will become more resilient and be less susceptible to disease.

When to Deep Root Fertilize

  • Deep Root Fertilizing

    The trees are showing stunted shoot growth (less than 15 cm)
  • The leaves appear yellow or undersized
  • The soil in your yard is difficult to dig or contains layers of compacted clay or silt
  • The layer of rich organic topsoil is less than 30 cm deep
  •  Leaves are often removed and therefore not providing nutrients back to the soil
  • The soil in your yard was recently disturbed by construction project
  • There is a lot of foot traffic or machine traffic in your yard

Deep Root FertilizingAt Beautiful Trees, our fertilizer is a custom blend formulated by our scientist to help provide the nutrients that are known to be deficient in urban soils.

Spring is an excellent time for Deep Root Fertilizing. Let Beautiful Tress help your trees become the beautiful specimens they were meant to be by calling 416-738-4137 or filling out our convenient contact form for a quick response.

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The Benefits of Deep Root Fertilizing

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